Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heaven in the Hood

David and I have been working really hard lately trying to get everything done with the houses. We have moved all of the big furniture, half of the kitchen, clothes & all 3 animals to the new house. We’ve tried to do it in small loads so that we can put everything in it’s place and keep the new house organized. As much as we’ve moved over, when I walk into the old house I get an immediate anxiety attack over everything that still needs to be done! I’m trying to keep myself in check but I have had a few meltdowns!

We have shared a lot of firsts together over this past week. We watched the dog’s use their pet door and play in the backyard for the first time. We used the fireplace, used the washer and dryer, cooked our first meal and had my parents over for the first time. I took a bath in my new bath tub for the first time, which was unbelievable! David surprised me with a ton of tea light candles lined up all around the tub and 2 big BB&W aromatherapy candles at each end that smelled divine! He also got me some great smelling bubble bath to use. I was SO excited to take my first bubble bath. I got right in and started up the water and put like 5 squirts of bubble bath in. I wanted it to be perfect! I had my book and some beer ready and I was just going to sit there and take it all in. Nobody ever told me that bubble bath and tub jets do not go well together! I have never seen bubbles like I experienced that night! I about drowned in Bath & Body bubble clouds!! I loved it!

Well last night was my favorite first. We both had a long day at work and were tired and crabby when we got home. I had forgotten to take meat out to defrost for dinner and we had nothing to go along with meat anyways. We finally decided to make a quick trip to the grocery store. We picked up some pork chops and veggies and some hummus & pita to snack on. Beer was not forgotten of course….in fact David couldn’t decide which kind he wanted and felt like he wanted to try something new…so he asked if I minded if he look up reviews on his phone to help him make a decision. UGH! I am marrying the ultimate “research before purchase” man…but I digress. =) On our way home from the store it started raining really hard. We made it inside with all the bags and started to cook dinner. As we were waiting for the meat to cook we sat on the kitchen counter-tops sipping our beer, munching on hummus & pita chips, chilling out listening to music. Outside it was storming the best storm! There was lightening & thunder and everything I absolutely love. It was the best feeling just hanging out together in our brand new kitchen experiencing our first thunderstorm. It was our piece of heaven in the middle of the hood. David mentioned how weird it was to think that in 10 years we will hopefully be doing this same thing with a few kids sitting over at the kitchen table working on homework. If you know David, you know that statement made me extremely happy! I hope forever remember that feeling of comfort and bliss!


Samanthahub said...

Heather you crack me up! This was such a sweet post! Let's make another first and invite me and Nick over already! <3

Joani said...

You are making me fall in love with David...SO sweet.

LPC said...

Research before purchase - wait, is he an engineer?:)

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

Heather!! I do live in Springfield!! Email me!